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Bitcoin Tumblers – A step to more privacy?


Beginning in 2008, bitcoins became a well known type of cryptocurrency that continued to grown in fame, so that these days many people have invested in them. Since then, Bitcoins exist in many different areas online, being cryptocurrency, leading to companies existing to help people learn and store their coins easier. This includes Bitcoin Tumblers, or Bitcoin Mixers, such as Coinomize.


According to the Coinomize website, Coinomize helps people to protect their privacy along with mixing their bitcoins easily and cheaply. They allow you to mix your coins immediately and make them untraceable via their crypto tumbler. They also send people clean coins after they have finished mixing them. People can enter up to five different BTC addresses. Coins that you want to mix can be sent to the newly generated address. Following this is when Coinomize mixes them and makes them untraceable. Orders are immediately deleted afterwards, to continue to protect people’s privacy.

Easy to use

Being a Bitcoin Tumbler, Coinomize’s claim to fame is it’s ease of use. It is completely up to the user how they want their coins to be mixed and how long they want the process to take. The longer the time and the more fees that the user decides to put into Coinomize, the more likely to be able to remain anonymous.

Coinomize has an emphasis on it’s ability to keep everything anonymous. They ask that users add up to five bitcoin addresses to help with said anonymity and to make each address harder to track. Once orders are complete the user is then able to delete it themselves.

Why use a mixer/tumbler?

According to Coinomize’s website, using a bitcoin mixer or tumbler is most suitable for those who want to remain anonymous when sending bitcoins to other people. An example that they give is that for some people who may want to invest in Bitcoin or become a miner, sometimes cryptocurrency is not allowed in other countries, and a mixer would allow said person to remain anonymous and not be tracked by government agencies. They add that without mixing your coins with Bitcoin mixers or tumblers, everyone can track your wallet addresses and transactions in the Blockchain.


In the end, Bitcoin Tumblers, which can also be known as mixers, provide people who wish to invest in bitcoin, help with remaining anonymous if they wish to send their coins to people without that person’s knowledge. There are many mixers and tumblers out there that would help with this, but one example is Coinomize, who promise complete anonymity when mixing with them, especially if the user gives them multiple addresses. The more addresses, the more anonymous coins.