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Is Investing in HYIPs Worth It?


Is Investing in HYIPs Worth It?

The newest fad in investing is the high-yield investment program, or HYIP. Some of these “investments” are no more than just Ponzi schemes, so many investors might wonder if they are worth it. The answer to that question could be a surprising yes – but only if you, the investor, know what you are doing. There are some careful tips you can follow in order to answer the question in the title with an emphatic yes.

First of all, avoid any HYIPs that offer you a high rate of return in no time flat. HYIPs that promise you a 700% return after one day, a 7000% return after two days, or a %70000 return after three days are never going to deliver. They are simply going to rip you off and leave you without any type of return whatsoever.

So what type of HYIP should you invest in instead? Believe it or not, you actually should go for a low-performing HYIP because those types are really the only legitimate ones out there. When looking for a good HYIP investment, you want one where you can expect to get your seed money back in three to six weeks. Of course, this is just the start of having a good HYIP portfolio.

Another tip to consider would be to always invest in HYIPs with daily or weekly payouts. It should raise a huge red flag to you if a HYIP has a long stretch without a pay-out even if everything else checks out well.

You should invest a small amount of seed money across a number of HYIPs instead of just settling on just one. You also should strongly consider recovering your seed money as soon as possible. Letting greed and desperation take you over is only going to cause you to lose huge in the long run.

You need to invest through a trusted HYIP monitor in order to determine just how legitimate a particular HYIP might be. A HYIP monitor that expects their downline investors to get paid consistently is usually a wise idea. You also should consider doing internet research to determine if anyone is complaining about a given HYIP not paying them. Use legitimate monitors like HYIP, to sort out the good ones from the bad ones.

Finally, you need to pick a well-established HYIP in order to make your investment. Don’t be surprised if this is difficult to accomplish because HYIP’s don’t exactly have a track record for long-term success. The best way to find a well-established one is to peruse the trusted HYIP review websites in order to find the right HYIP. You want to find a HYIP with positive reviews from sites such as earnwith.me, internationalfreeofers.com, and digitalmoneyideas.com.

Finally, the best thing to do is to avoid testing a HYIP. This strategy will not work because these types of investments have a short life span. Find a promising alternative, do your research, and invest in it accordingly. That is the best method for reaching a return on these rather risky investments. So….is this worth it? It depends. You really have to know what you’re doing in order to do it. If you are going to invest in something that promises ridiculously high returns then no, it is not worth it, and you are only going to lose money in the end.

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