What’s The Job of a Criminal Lawyer in Australia?


    The path to becoming a criminal lawyer / criminal solicitor sydney is a very long, arduous, and time-consuming journey that is not always completed. Becoming a criminal solicitor takes many years of study, research, and dedication.

    In this article, we have taken the liberty to outline a few things you should know about what it takes to be a criminal lawyer in Australia and what a criminal lawyer’s job actually is.

    The Job Description Of a Criminal Lawyer

    The tasks of a criminal lawyer/solicitor are many. A criminal lawyer must represent clients or organizations that may have been accused of a crime/ or criminal misconduct.

    They must research and familiarise themselves with the case and take the necessary steps to write out a game plan in order to defend their clients properly.

    It is NOT uncommon for many criminal defense lawyers to visit their clients in hospitals, courtrooms, and even prisons.

    Although their job can be very rewarding, monetarily speaking, it can also be very stressful.

    The Requirements That a Criminal Lawyer Must Meet

    To become a criminal lawyer/solicitor, a person must have a bachelor’s degree and then pass their state bar exam.

    Becoming a lawyer requires years of study and research, with the Bar exam being perhaps the most challenging task in becoming a lawyer.

    What Are Some Offences That They Defend Against?

    Some of the criminal offences that a criminal lawyer will defend their clients against are (this list does not go over ALL the criminal offences):

    • Drink Driving and/or Drug Driving matters
    • Wounding offences
    • Fraud offences
    • Unlawful pornography matters
    • Trafficking offences
    • Stealing offences
    • Firearm charges
    • Stalking, Intimidating, Harassment
    • Manslaughter and Murder
    • Robbery offences
    • Traffic offences
    • Sexual assault

    These are some of the offences that you can expect your criminal lawyer to be able to defend you against.

    Need To Hire A Criminal Lawyer?

    If you have committed a criminal offence, then you will most likely be in need of a criminal lawyer. Most criminal solicitors will offer you a free consultation, so if money is something that is holding you back from hiring a criminal solicitor, let the FREE consultation be where you work things out.

    It is vital that you reach out to a criminal lawyer to defend you because doing it (defending yourself) alone can be more problematic in the extended scheme of things.